April 12, 2012

A good year for painters at the Guggenheim Foundation

The John Simon Guggenheim Foundation recently announced their 2012 Fellows, and (remarkably) nearly half of the winners in the Fine Arts category are painters. The Foundation's goal is to help provide funding for artists to "work with as much creative freedom as possible." In other words, the  Fellows may spend their loot, which varies according to need but is quite substantial, any way they want. Hearty congratulations to all the recipients and condolences to the thousands who were not selected. Here are some images from the talented painters on the 2012 roster.


Dawn Clements (I know, I know--she isn't technically a "painter." UPDATE: Clements has confirmed in an amusing email that she does, in fact, make paintings with gouache.)

A little information about the selection process (via Guggenheim website):
The Foundation receives between 3,500 and 4,000 applications each year. Although no one who applies is guaranteed success in the competition, there is no prescreening:  all applications are reviewed.  Approximately 220 Fellowships are awarded each year.

During the rigorous selection process, applicants will first be pooled with others working in the same field, and examined by experts in that field: the work of artists will be reviewed by artists, that of scientists by scientists, that of historians by historians, and so on. The Foundation has a network of several hundred advisers, who either meet at the Foundation offices to look at applicants' work, or receive application materials to read offsite. These advisers, all of whom are themselves former Guggenheim Fellows, then submit reports critiquing and ranking the applications in their respective fields.  Their recommendations are then forwarded to and weighed by a Committee of Selection, which then determines the number of awards to be made in each area. Occasionally, no application in a given area is considered strong enough to merit a Fellowship.

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