December 7, 2011

Images: Jockum Nordström

For the past week or two I've been working on a project that requires some research, and this morning I came across these Jockum Nordström images at Zeno X Gallery in Antwerp. Nordström (Swedish, b. 1963) makes delicate collages and graphite drawings that evoke a fragile almost sinister universe, populated with old school sailors, jazz musicians, wildlife, plants, ships and noblemen from past epochs. He and his partner, Mamma Andersson (Swedish, b. 1962), a painter who focuses on domestic interiors, had solo shows at Zwirner in 2010.

Jockum Nordström, In the Pasture, 2008, watercolour and collage on paper, 56,0 x 76,0 cm
 Jockum Nordström, Alcoholism, graphite on paper2008, 45,0 x 64,0 cm

 Jockum Nordström, Age of Optimism, 2008, graphite on paper, 56,0 x 76,0 cm

 Jockum Nordström, Thaw-Out, 2008, graphite on paper, 45,0 x 60,0 cm

 Jockum Nordström, Treatments and Cures, 2008, watercolour and collage on paper, 50,0 x 70,0 cm 


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