October 3, 2011

Inaugural exhibition: Against the Tide

Robert Yoder, (Seattle, WA) "Untitled (The Beach)," 2009, oil on panel, plexiglass, found papers, 23 x 15 inches. Private collection

Not all contemporary (or modern) artists dismiss water as a subject simply because Henry James rolled his eyes at Winslow Homer. Perhaps an artist returned to her family home in Nashville where the pool she remembered as a child lay drained and crumbling in the backyard. Or it could be that the reference to water is completely accidental, possibly subconscious. This online exhibition presents paintings by sixteen contemporary artists in the Two Coats of Paint community who have been drawn, perhaps against the tide, to the power and metaphor of water.

Artists include Joel Adas, Sean Anderson, Mark Barry, Barbara Brady, Jenny Zoe Casey, Emilia Dubicki, Mary Addison Hackett, Sara Klar, Rachelle Krieger, Magnolia Laurie, Joanne Mattera, Mott McCampbell, Claire McConaughy, Wendy Small, Cary Smith, Robert Yoder and Elizabeth Zans.

Cary Smith (Connecticut)
"Splat #14 (cerulean)," 2010
oil on linen
17 x 17 inches

Joanne Mattera (New York and Massachusetts)
"Silk Road 117," 2009
encaustic on panel
12 x 12 inches

Rachelle Krieger (New York)
"Storm and Tide, I,"  2008
watercolor and Sumi ink on paper
10 x 10 inches

Joel Adas (Brooklyn, NY)
"Jetty Scene," 2009
oil on wood panel
12 x 15 inches

Barbara Brady (Maine)
"Rising Tide," 2010
oil on canvas
30 x 40 inches

Emilia Dubicki (Connecticut)
"The Coast of There," 2010
oil on canvas, 48 x 52 inches
Collection of Richard Lalli and Michael Rigsby

Sara Klar (Brooklyn, NY)
"Decomposing Guston," 1998 - 2008  
acrylic, marker, board on canvas,
11 by 11 inches

Mott McCampbell (Brooklyn, NY)
"You can’t fight the tide," 2010
oil on canvas
30 x 30 inches

Jenny Zoe Casey (Florida)
"Surge," 2010
digital inkjet on paper
17 x 22 inches

Wendy Small (Brooklyn, NY)
"Boats," 2010
solarized unique photogram
20 x 16 inches

Mark Barry (Bennington, VT)
"Night Fishing," 2010
oil on canvas   
34 x 30 inches

Elizabeth Zans (Cairo, Egypt)
"Two mosques," 2010
oil on wood
7 x 10 inches

Claire McConaughy (New Jersey)
"Untitled (Pirate Towel)," 2010
oil on canvas
24 x 18 inches

Sean Anderson (Santa Barbara, CA)
"Contemplate," 2010
oil on masonite
9 x 12 inches

Magnolia Laurie (Baltimore, MD)
"he noted, 'The aesthetic impulse is the second most powerful, after survival.'”
2010, oil on panel
36 x 36 inches

Mary Addison Hackett (Nashville and Los Angeles)
"Two Oceans Full of Love," 2010
oil on linen
7 x 5 inches

A 40-page, full-color catalogue with images and an expanded introduction is available at the Two Coats of Paint Bookshop. Prices for artwork are available on request--just send an email to twocoatsofpaint@gmail.com with the artist's name and "Against the Tide" in the subject line. The subject of the next exhibition will be announced soon.

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mark barry's paintings are so weird and wonderful... most of my flickr 'favorites' are mark barry paintings.

nice, I am happy to see such a variety of work.

nice, I'm happy to see such a variety of work.

Thanks Martin and Elaine. I wanted the exhibition o reflect the wide range of approaches explored by Two Coats readers. Don't forget to check out the catalogue, which was designed by my talented student Carolyn Lodge.

Thanks for posting this exhibition. What a wonderful group of artists reflections.

Nice exhibition with a variety of great work.

Makes me very much want to see them all for real in the same room.

Wow, what a great show! Congratulations to all and glad I started subscribing; I would have hated to miss this.

Really great to see. Thank you for doing this.