December 4, 2009

Images from Art Basel Miami Beach and Amy Sillman Giveaway!

I arrived yesterday, picked up my press pass, and headed down to the selling floor at Art Basel Miami Beach. The thing I love about Art Basel is that the galleries present work ranging from the likes of Picasso, DeKooning, and Neel to contemporary work by artists like Joyce Pensato, Amy Sillman, and Rodney Graham. Other bloggers may complain that the fair is too conservative, but for painters Art Basel offers an opportunity to see unknown work by old favorites as well as discover new artists from other countries. Did the work sell? Who cares.

Yayoi Kusama

David Bates

Motherwell installation

Hans Hofmann


Baselitz again.

J contemplating a Joyce Pensato

Rodney Graham

Alice Neel

Luc Tuymans

Al Taylor, c. 1985

Andrew Kerr

Uwe Kowski

Stanley Whitney

Amy Sillman

If you want one of Sillman's 'zines, send  an email to twocoatsofpaint[at]gmail[dot]com and tell me why you want it. I'll select a winner when I get back from Miami.