December 19, 2009

Artist's Statement of the Day: Allison Gildersleeve

Allison Gildersleeve, "Flying at Knee Level," 2009, oil and alkyd on canvas, 46 x 44." Images courtesy the artist and Michael Steinberg Fine Art.

Allison Gildersleeve, "Passage," 2008, oil and alkyd on canvas, 54 x 54" 

"When the logical progression through time and space is hijacked by memory, there is a certain collapse of what was there, and out of this disintegration, a  third distinct place emerges as a physical presence. My work pieces together  this place, combining the familiar with the unfamiliar, the past and the present.  What results is a hedge inside a room, a table leg in between branches, an  armchair sitting inside a deserted pool. Space is restructured by the emotions it houses and what might have been a linear internal narrative becomes a topography of recollection, uncertainty, loss, and retelling."
--Allison Gildersleeve

I met Allison Gilderlseeve in Miami earlier this month at the Art Miami blogger panel (for a full report on the discussion and images, click here). While we waited out Saturday's afternoon squall at a covered outdoor cafe, we agreed emphatically that painting is NOT dead...especially for all the artists who continue to paint.


A lively read as usual, and very dreamy work. Which is why I don't understand why anyone would even bring up painting being "dead". I keep reading this on the internet, lots of fear mongering. Even the notion is contradictory to so many's existence, painting's woven so thickly into humanity, it just becomes a silly thing to say.

I know Allison well, and I am always amazed by her work as well as this statement..I too am a painter, and although I am able to communicate with my painter friends like Allison, writing what it is that I think and do is nearly impossible for me..her statement is excellent.

Have you seen the David Hockney shows? Will you review?

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