December 10, 2009

18 painters selected for 2010 Whitney Biennial

According to Carol Vogel in the NY Times, the 2010 edition of the Whitney Biennial will not only try to chronicle current goings-on in contemporary art, but it will also reflect the world at large. "In these recessionary times, the show will be smaller than it has been in recent years, with just 55 artists, down from 81 in 2008 and 100 in 2006. It will also be contained in the Whitney Museum of American Art’s home, the Marcel Breuer building, rather than spilling over into a second location, as the 2008 Biennial did when it occupied much of the Park Avenue Armory or into Central Park as other Biennials have.

"Next year’s event, which runs from Feb. 25 through May 30, is being organized by Francesco Bonami, 54, the Italian-born curator who helped put together the Rudolph Stingel retrospective at the Whitney in 2007, and Gary Carrion-Murayari, 29, a senior curatorial assistant at the museum who helped with the Biennials in 2004 and 2006."

The eighteen painters include:

  1. Robert Williams: 
  2. Lesley Vance:
  3. Storm Tharp: 
  4. Ania Soliman: 
  5. Scott Short: 
  6. Aurel Schmidt: 
  7. R.H. Quaytman 
  8. Jim Lutes: 
  9. Maureen Gallace: 
  10. Suzan Frecon: 
  11. Roland Flexner: 
  12. Julia Fish: 
  13. Verne Dawson: 
  14. Sarah Crowner: 
  15. Dawn Clements: 
  16. George Condo: 
  17. Tauba Auerbach:
  18. Richard Aldrich: 
For a complete list of all 55 artists selected for the 2010 Biennial, click here.


Thanks for posting the names and links

hey... Tauba Auerbach is a painter.

Ack--you're right! I added Tauba Auerbach to the list.