August 18, 2009

My other blog: Bushwick & Main

In July 2009 I started a blog called Sharon Butler@ Bushwick & Main to document my Artist Residency at Pocket Utopia. Since the residency ended, the Tumblr blog, which I can update from my phone, has become a photographic sketchbook--iPhone notations from my wandering art practice. At the new blog, which I will maintain concurrently with Two Coats, you can read about my most recent obsession---the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit. I wrote about the event for the upcoming issue of The Brooklyn Rail, and I'll actually be participating over Labor Day weekend. Between now and then I have a long list of things to do to get my installation, er, I mean booth, ready but Austin Thomas, an expert on creating social spaces from thin air, has agreed to serve as my consultant. If you like it, please add a link to your blogroll and/or subscribe to the feed. Thanks!
Official URL: :


Sure, I'll add the new link to my blog. But please, Sharon, don't abandon TCOP. It's too important a resource.

Thanks Joanne,

Of course I'll still maintain Two Coats--I'm very attached to it!

P.S. My recent visit to your studio is on my current blog post, up this morning. It's the first entry in a series called "What I Did This Summer."


Hey, thanks for the link. Looks like you saw a lot of good work.