May 17, 2009

Twitter notes

A few items cut and pasted from the Two Coats Twitter Feed.

  1. Louise Fishman's generation vs. Younger than Jesus minute ago from TweetDeck
  2. The impossibility of painting, the impossibility of not painting minutes ago from TweetDeck
  3. RT @artfagcity: "Angela Dufresne's figurative paintings at CRG is the best work I've seen in Chelsea today." 15 hours ago from TweetDeck
  4. "You could buy a couple six packs...or you could buy some artwork." 20 hours ago from TweetDeck
  5. Talk about affordable art: Matthew Langley's 246 Editions is up and running 20 hours ago from TweetDeck
  6. RT @bhoggard: They're talking about and culture blogging on Studio 360 right now. 21 hours ago from TweetDeck
  7. DIY summer artists residency? Bring your own tent, invite your friends. 21 hours ago from TweetDeck
  8. Notes from the Status Update/Big Love panel discussion: #hlsu Comments welcome.6:41 PM May 15th from TweetDeck
  9. Cabinet Magazine: Images of rocks that look like food--bacon, gorgonzola, tripe and more. Unfortunately, not online. 6:02 PM May 15th from TweetDeck


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