Oly curates show at Bibro

Winter Salon: Gallery & Invited Artists,” curated by Denise Bibro, Almitra Stanley, and Olympia Lambert. Denise Bibro Fine Art, New York, NY. Through Feb.2.

Blogger Olympia Lambert helped curate this all-media group show that includes figurative, realist, abstract, and conceptual work. According to Oly, the show wasn’t intentionally organized around a specific theme, but trepidation, danger, and loss suffuse the selections. Artists include Sarah K. Bean, Christa Blatchford, Nora Chavooshian, Sara Crisp, Lisa Dinhofer, Ric Dragon, Sydney Drum, Ruth Epstein, Camilla Fallon, Iona Fromboluti, Daniel Giese, Josephine Haden, Rob Hann, Gerry Hayes, Diana Hobson, John Hrehov, Carol Jacobsen, Joyce Korotkin, Damon Lehrer, Myung-Ock Lim, Charles Olson, Linda Lippa, Shane McAdams, Aija Meisters, Michael Paul Miller, Nancy Nicholson, Christopher Reiger, Tim Ross, Al Sprague, Dennis Tremalio, Martha Walker.

Oly also recommends Robert Appleton’s sailor paintings at Paul Sharpe Contemporary in Chelsea. “Appleton possesses an almost cartoonish-style in his brushstrokes, giving his subjects these huge eyes, smeared lipstick, with hauntingly lit backgrounds. It’s almost as if Karen Kilimnik has met Toulouse Lautrec and they’re tossing a few back while at port with Carol Channing and Napoleon.”

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  1. Hi, Sharon.
    Thanks so much for the shout-out here.
    Next time you stop in, definitely introduce yourself.
    Would love to meet you.

    Thanks again and hope you enjoyed the show.

    Olympia Lambert (aka Oly)

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