August 7, 2007

LA re-mix: Punk-pop aesthetic with pretty Japanese-girl-craft

Shizu Saldamando," Tropico de Nopal, 1665 Beverly Blvd., Echo Park. Through Sept. 1.

Elina Shatkin writes in the Los Angeles Times: "Combining elements of traditional Chicano portraiture, lowrider art and pinta (jailhouse) art, Shizu Saldamando's delicate paintings and drawings depict a generation of young adults not commonly seen on canvases or gallery walls....Her subjects are generally her friends or her musical idols -- punks, bruisers and rockers mostly from East, southeast and downtown Los Angeles. Her technique could be described as a remix of traditional painting, on canvas and Japanese washipaper, with pop culture materials such as sticker paper, handkerchiefs and ballpoint pens. " Read more.