July 13, 2007

Denver hosts first exhibition from the Clyfford Still estate

Kyle MacMillan in The Denver Post reports: “Denver was chosen in 2004 as the repository for the Clyfford Still estate and future home of a museum devoted to this significant post-World War II painter….The artist retained many of his own works in part because he was something of a curmudgeon and had an often stormy relationship with museums, galleries and collectors - a situation that helps explain why he never gained the fame of many of his peers…. 'Clyfford Still Unveiled: Selections From the Estate,’ a small but powerful exhibition that includes 13 prototypical drawings and paintings opens Saturday at the Denver Art Museum,” Read more.
"Clyfford Still Unveiled: Selections from the Estate" Denver Art Museum, through September 30. See James Kalm's video experience of the show on YouTube.

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