June 11, 2007

David Hockney slams Tracey Emin's Venice Biennale paintings

Nigel Reynolds talks to Hockney about the state of British painting: "When asked what he thought about Emin’s paintings, he replied: 'They’re OK, but you don’t remember them too well.' With uncharacteristic nuance, the normally blunt Yorkshire artist went on: 'You always see photos of Tracey (in the papers), not of her paintings. I’d rather have photos of my pictures in the papers, not me.' " Read more in the Telegraph.


Tracy Emin's work is extremely boring, i imagine she's a brilliant at self promotion and marketing, but the results of her efforts is never art.

I have to agree with Tempest Press. Emin is a minimally talented provacateur who has exploited the leeway prvided by the "conceptual art" tag to dupe a great many people. In interviews, she almost appears to be sneering at the naivete of those she has won over. Sadly, artists like Emin debase the currency of conceptual art.