Marjorie Welish: Procedural difference, conceptual consequence

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Followers of post-election news coverage, despairing over rampant voter suppression, are bereft over the Electoral College electors’ unwillingness to cast their votes for the sane candidate who overwhelmingly won the popular vote. The vocal majority, fretting about what to expect after the inauguration of an undisciplined kleptocrat as the 45th president of the United States, will recognize their heartache in … read more… “Marjorie Welish: Procedural difference, conceptual consequence”

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Art fairs: Satellite and NADA, 2016

Contributed by Sharon Louden / On Friday, I spent almost three hours at the Satellite Art Fair and returned for another half hour on Saturday. It was like having about 20 studio visits; all of the conversations were substantive. At Satellite, there was a wide range of work on display, but what was most refreshing about the experience was … read more… “Art fairs: Satellite and NADA, 2016”

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Interview: Max Maslansky’s porn-painted sheets

Contributed by Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein / Max Maslansky is a Los Angeles painter who makes acrylic paintings on stretched pillowcases and bed sheets using imagery culled from vintage pornography. They depict stylized and often-dreamlike pictorial spaces, ones that can grow more ambiguous the longer you look at them. At his NADA solo show with Five Car Garage, … read more… “Interview: Max Maslansky’s porn-painted sheets”

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Miami: A different place than last year

Contributed by Sharon Louden / Thank you, Sharon Butler, for giving me the opportunity to be a guest contributor from the art fairs in Miami Beach this week. I started with Pulse, Untitled and Art Basel Miami Beach. Like many in the art community, given the current political climate and all that’s happening in the world, my … read more… “Miami: A different place than last year”


Invitations: Miami and Paris

I have two shows opening this week: A solo show (S-105) curated by Robert Yoder/SEASON at the PULSE Contemporary Art Fair and the Paris iteration of  “Deux Côtés / Two Sides,” at Galerie Jean Fournier.  This exhibition is the second of a two-part collaboration, presented with  Theodore:Art in Brooklyn. If you are in either neighborhood, I hope you will stop by and say … read more… “Invitations: Miami and Paris”

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Pius Fox: Visual echo

Contributed by Mira Dayal / Pastel balloons pregnant with helium shimmer in front of angular shadows cast from unseen objects in a photograph of a small room. In a nearby painting, these shapes morph into colorful arcs and elbows that playfully mimic the photograph’s composition. The candid titling of the first work, Untitled (DSC_1482) (2016), … read more… “Pius Fox: Visual echo”

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Jacob Kassay: Familiarity superseding reflection?

Contributed by Sharon Butler/ In “H-L,” Jacob Kassay’s second solo show at 303 Gallery, the artist has left behind the silver-covered canvases for which he is best known. In the new work, he contemplates space, introducing white aluminum and urethane sculptures that look like architectural details. 

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Of note: Eric Brown, Suchness

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Eric Brown, co-director of Tibor De Nagy Gallery, has been a secret painter for years, and this month he had his first NYC solo show at CRUSH Curatorial in Chelsea. We’ve shown together  at Theodore:Art in Bushwick several times, and I’ve always loved his matte surfaces, rich color relationships, and endearingly hand-drawn geometric shapes. Here … read more… “Of note: Eric Brown, Suchness”

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Artists under duress: Max Beckmann

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Esteemed in Germany during the Weimar Republic but branded a “degenerate artist” by the anti-modern Adolf Hitler, the great expressionist painter Max Beckmann fled Nazi Germany to Amsterdam and continued to paint. Returning to Germany after the war may have struck him as craven or at least psychologically unsustainable, and … read more… “Artists under duress: Max Beckmann”

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