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Alyssa Klauer’s queer phantasmagoria

Contributed by Patrick Neal / Is the detectable hand of the artist evidence of a unique creator, or is gesture mainly indicative of earlier painters’ touches, the ghosts of art history? More broadly, do we choose the course of our own lives or are they predestined? These thoughts about individual sensibility and personal agency occurred to me while viewing Alyssa Klauer’s fine, visually and intellectually energized solo show “Dare Me,” on view at Olympia on the Lower East Side.

Studio Visit

Studio visit with Daniel Wiener

During my first visit to Daniel Wiener’s studio, we talked about his Apoxie-Sculpt head series that fuse a 1960s psychedelic sensibility with collective angst, his idiosyncratic process, and an exploration of other unusual projects during the lockdown.


Conversation with Louise Fishman

Contributed by Sharon Butler / In September 2012, I sat down with Louise Fishman in her cozy but austere 23rd Street apartment to discuss her two current exhibitions: “Five Decades,” a 50-year retrospective at Tilton Gallery (September 5 – October 13), and “Louise Fishman,” at Cheim & Read (September 13 […]

Gallery shows

Scene + Sensoria

Scene + Sensoria will be a regularly occurring project of capture, of both the social and aesthetic dimensions of the New York art world, towards an ecological understanding of the scene as a living coral reef; these sensorial guided tours of affect, chance, and embodied presence will be relayed as […]