September 30, 2015

Interview: Jim Gaylord in Clinton Hill

Contributed by Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein / In 2011, I met Jim Gaylord when he lectured at my university in northern Minnesota, and we've kept in touch on and off ever since. His studio was the first I visited after I moved to NYC, and Jim reappeared on my radar recently when I heard he was in a show at Jeff Bailey in Hudson. Last week I checked in to hear what he had to say about his latest work.

[Image at top: Jim Gaylord, Bad Gateway, 2014, gouache on cutout paper, 46¾ x 40 inches]

September 26, 2015

Invitations to upcoming events: Minneapolis, St. Paul, Hartford, Greensboro

I have a few upcoming events in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Hartford, and Greensboro  that I'd like to tell readers about. I hope you can join me if you are nearby.

[Image at top: On view at EBK Gallery in October: Sharon Butler, Cybercave, 2015, oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches.]

IMAGES: Susan Mastrangelo

Born in NYC in 1951, Susan Mastrangelo attended the Kansas City Art Institute and the New York Studio School, and received her MFA from Boston University, where she studied with Philip Guston. After several years assembling hanging installations of two-sided figurative paintings, Mastrangelo has recently returned to wall-mounted work in a series of impressive figurative collages made by adhering shapes of brightly patterned fabrics to fiberglass scrim with acrylic binders.

[Image at top: Susan Mastrangelo's Brooklyn studio.]

September 24, 2015

Two Coats of Paint September Resident: Nancy Morrow

This week, Nancy Morrow, an associate professor in the Department of Art at Kansas State University, Manhattan, will be participating in the Two Coats of Paint Residency Program.

{Image at top: Nancy Morrow, Offering, 2015.

Anne Neukamp’s elegant nostalgia

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Painters who accept the challenge of trying to assimilate the advance of technology and metamorphosis of visual culture to the traditional canvas deserve applause and admiration – especially when they succeed. Albert Oehlen approaches the task by filling the rectangle with frenetic digital grotesquery that is often audaciously, courageously ugly. His epochal message is that however ominous or daunting, the jarringly new is inexorable, already part of the world we live in. Berlin-based painter Anne Neukamp, in large new paintings on display with Zachary Leener’s over-electrified phalluses at Lisa Cooley Gallery on the Lower East Side, goes about the task more quietly, with satisfyingly poignant results.

[Image at top: Anne Neukamp, Look-alike, 2015, oil, tempera, acrylic, canvas, 78 x 59 inches.]

September 23, 2015

September 23: A selected list of exhibitions and openings

 Maureen Gallace @ 303 Gallery (Chelsea)

The following is a short list of exhibitions and openings, organized by neighborhood, that we think are worth checking out, either IRL or online. Note that the submission guidelines are included at the end of the post.

Jared Bark Photobooth Works 1969-1976/ Southfirst / 60 N. 6th / thru 11/15 /Opening 9/24 
No Irony Here: David Kramer, Paul Gagner, Claudia Bitran, and Cate Giordano / The Parlour Bushwick / 791 Bushwick Avenue / thru 11/1 / / Opening 9/25
Body Utopia: C. Ganesh, C. Haynes, R. Lehrer, S. Perry, P. Yolacan, C. Zavitsanos / Brooklyn Art Space / 168 7th / thru Oct 31, 2015 / / Opening 9/25
Samuel Laurence Cunnane / Theodore:Art / 56 Bogart / thru 10/25 / / Opening 9/26
Smack Mellon Open Studios w Nadia Awad, Zachary Fabri, Donna Huanca, Nyeema Morgan, Lori Nix, Chat / Smack Mellon / 92 Plymouth / thru 9/27 / Opening 9/26 /
Rachel Whiteread: Looking Out / Luhring Augustine /25 Knickerbocker / thru 12/20 / www.luhringaugustine.comMelissa Murray and Julia Westerbeke: ECHOES / A.I.R. Gallery (Artists in Residence) / 155 Plymouth (new location) thru 10/11 / http://airgallery.orgAndy Cross, Benjamin Degen, Alyssa Gorelick, Hein Koh, Ben Pederson, Dav Color Against Color, curated by Eric Hibit / Ortega y Gasset Projects / 363 Third/ thru 10/18 /
Ecstatic Prismatic  / Honey Ramka / 56 Bogart / thru 10/11 /
Jolie Laide / Life on Mars / 56 Bogart/ thru 10/4 /
Elana Herzog at Studio 10 / 56 Bogart / thru 10/11 /
Seeing Sound / Odetta / 229 Cook / thru 11/01/
Andrew Ross / Signal / 260 Johnson/ thru 10/24 /
Xiao Fu : Pixel World and Justin Cooper / Storefront Bushwick /324 Ten Eyck / thru 10/11
Libby Hartle | Shades and Shallows and Kristen Jensen | intermission / Outlet / 253 Wilson / thru 10/4/
Jane Fine: Contents Under Pressure / Pierogi / 177 North 9 /thru 10/11 /
Gabriele Evertz: The Gray Question / Minus Space /16 Main / thru 10/31 /
Jacob Goble BANKRUPT / Sardine / 286 Stanhope / thru 10/4 /

Rachel Whiteread @ Luhring Augustine  (Bushwick)

Uncanny/Figure: Holly Coulis, Jenny Dubnau, Angela Dufresne, David Fertig, Dennis Kardon, Elizabeth King, Richard Kizu-Blair, Matthew Miller, Sarah Peters, Rona Pondick, and Alexi Worth; curated by Lilly Wei / Dorsky Gallery Curatorial Programs / 11-03 45th Avenue / thru 12/13 /
Matthew Deleget, Jeff Feld, Molly Heron, John Tallman: Synthetic Synthesis / Sculpture Space NYC-Projects / 47-21 35th Street / thru Oct 24 /

Matthew Deleget, Jeff Feld, Molly Heron, John Tallman: Synthetic Synthesis @ Sculpture Space NYC-Projects (Long Island City)

Helen O'Leary @ Lesley Heller

Lower East Side
Zak Prekop / Essex Street / 114 Eldridge / thru 10/25 /
Marcel Eichner / James Fuentes / 55 Delancey / thru 10/12 /
Jessica Sanders, Ambiguous Warmth / KANSAS / 210 Rivington (new location) / thru 10/18 /
Thomas Lawson / Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery / 54 Ludlow / thru 10/18 /
Zachary Leener and Anne Neukamp/ Caitlin Keogh / Lisa Cooley / 107 Norfolk/ thru 10/18 /
Chris Hood Slow Drag in Margaritaville / Lyles & King / 106 Forsyth / thru 10/4 /
Leah Beeferman, Strong Force / Rawson Projects / 221 Madison Street / thru 10/25 /
Richard Long: Crescent to Cross / Sperone Westwater / 257 Bowery / thru 10/24 /
Chip Hughes at KS Art / Kerry Schuss / 34 Orchard Street / thru 10/10 / Erin O'Keefe, Things as They Are / Denny / 261 Broome / thru 10/11 /
Corey Escoto / Regina Rex /221 Madison / thru10/10 /
Judy Glantzman: Dressing for the Carnival/ Betty Cuningham Gallery / 15 Rivington / thru10/17 /
Jackie Saccoccio / Eleven Rivington /11 Rivington /thru10/18 /
Julia Bland/ On Stellar Rays / 133 Orchard /thru 10/25 /
Helen O’Leary and Who: Group Exhibition / Lesley Heller Workspace 54 Orchard / thru 10/18 /
Kyle Staver, Tall Tales at Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects /208 Forsyth / thru10/11 /
Linda Gallagher, Short Timing the Dawn / Junior Projects / 139 Norfolk / thru 10/18 /
Emily Mae Smith: Medusa / Laurel Gitlen / 122 Norfolk Street/ thru 10/25/
Stephen Maine: New Paintings / Hionas Gallery LES / 124 Forsyth / thru 10/04 /
Herman Nitsch / Marc Straus / 299 Grand / thru 10/18 /

Jane Fine @ Pierogi (Williamsburg)

East Village
Betty Tompkins: Real Ersatz / FUG /431 East 6 /thru October 17/
Special Guest Curated by Bernard Ceysson Gallery: Denis Castellas, Franck Chalendard, Joe Fyfe, Sadie Laska, Lauren Luloff, Alexander Nolan, Eric Palgon, Wallace Whitney / Zürcher Gallery / thru ? / 33 Bleecker /

West Village
Laurel Sparks: Rubedo / Kate Werble Gallery / 83 Vandam / thru 10/24 /
Claudia & Julia Müller / Maccarone / 98 Morton / thru 10/17 /
Diphthong: Michael Brennan, Jaq Chartier, Elizabeth Cooper, Anoka Faruqee, Rosemarie Fiore, Julia Klein, Stephen Maine, Gelah Penn, Thomas Pihl, Michael A. Robinson, Kara Rooney, Susan Still Scott, Denise Treizman, Rebecca Ward, Leslie Wayne, Carrie Yamaoka and John Zinsser / Shirley  Fiterman  Art Center  / 81 Barclay  / 9/29 thru 11/14 / Opening 9/29 (south of the West Village) /

Dana Schutz: Fight in an Elevator / Petzel Gallery / 456 West 18 / thru 10/24 /
Isa Genzken / David Zwirner / 519 West 19 / thru 10/31/ www.davidzwirner.comGordon Matta-Clark: Energy & Abstraction / David Zwirner / 537 West 20 / thru 10/24 /
Ivan Morley / Bortolami / 520 West 20 / thru 10/25 /
Sarah Sze at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery / 521 West 21/ thru 10/17 /
Mark Grotjahn: Painted Sculpture / Anton Kern / 532 West 20/ thru 10/29 /
Maureen Gallace / 303 Gallery / 547 West 21 / thru 10/31 /
Terry Haggerty / Sikkema Jenkins / 530 West 22 / thru 10/17 /
Robert Overby Persistence. Repeated / Andrew Kreps / 537/535 W 22 / thru 10/31 /
Billy Childish flowers, nudes and birch trees: New Paintings 2015 / Lehmann Maupin
536 W 22 / thru 10/31 / 
Julie Schenkelberg: Embodied Energies / Asya Geisberg Gallery / 537B West 23 / thru 10/24 /
Walter Swennen / Gladstone / 515 West 24 / thru 10/17 /
Anne Truitt in Japan / Matthew Marks / 523 West 24 / thru 10/24 /
Josiah McElheny: Paintings / Andrea Rosen / 525 W 24 / thru 10/24 /
James Gortner: New Work / Lyons Wier Gallery / 542 W. 24 / thru ? /
Keegan McHargue Topical / Fredericks & Freiser / 536 West 24 / thru 10/10 /
Josh Smith: Sculpture / Luhring Augustine / 531 West 24 / thru 10/31 /
Adam Fuss / Cheim & Read / 547 West 25 / thru 10/10 /
Painting is not doomed to repeat itself / Hollis Taggart / 521 West 26 / thru 10/13 /
Grant Foster, Salad Days / Ana Cristea Gallery / 521 West 26 / thru 10/10 /
Dona Nelson /Thomas Erben Gallery/ 526 West 26 / thru 10/31 /
Keltie Ferris / Mitchell-Innes & Nash / 534 West 26 / thru 10/17 /
Annette Davidek and Sarah Hinckley Paintings and Watercolors / Littlejohn / 547 West 27 / thru 10/3 /
Karl Wirsum / Derek Eller / 615 West 27 / thru 10/17 /

Midtown and Upper East Side
Sergej Jensen at Galerie Buchholz / 17 East 82 /thru 10/31 /
Susan Jane Walp / Tibor de Nagy / 724 5th / thru 10/17 / tibordenagy.comJackie Saccoccio: Degree of Tilt / Van Doren Waxter / 23 East 73 / thru 10/23 /
Katherine Bernhardt: Pablo & Efrain / Venus Over Manhattan / 980 Madison /thru 10/24 /
Joan Witek: Paintings / Jason McCoy / 41 East 57 / thru 9/30 /
Picasso Sculpture / Museum of Modern Art / 11 West 53 / thru 2/7 /

Submissions: For consideration in the next list, please send listings to In the subject area, please format the text as follows: Artist and name of show / Gallery / Street addresss / dates /website URL. It takes a village. Thanks!


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Interview: Loie Hollowell in Sunnyside

Contributed by Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein / After I heard that Loie Hollowell had sold out all her paintings shown at the June NEWD Art Show, and would be having a solo show at 106 Green in November, I knew she would busy thinking and painting. I took a long bike ride out to Sunnyside to visit her apartment studio and talk about her latest work.
 [Image at top: Loie Hollowell, lick-lick (orange), 2015, oil on linen and panel, 72 x 48 inches.]

September 16, 2015

Sharp and sardonic: Peter Saul at the Hall Art Foundation

Guest Contributor Joshua Sevits / The Hall Art Foundation in bucolic Reading, Vermont, is located in a faithfully restored stone farmhouse with three large barns, each of which has been turned into exhibition space. The barns now incongruously house a retrospective of Peter Saul's Day-Glo paintings of giant combustive genitalia, serpentine poop, and uncompromisingly violent characterizations of western civilization. This attentively organized exhibition spans fifty-three years and comprises thirty-seven works--ranging from meticulously nuanced compositions to crude political caricatures--that vividly reflect many of the painting sensibilities that prevail today.

[Image at top: Peter Saul, Yankee Garbage 1966, acrylic, felt tip pen, canvas, 71.75 x 69.75 inches, courtesy Hall Art Foundation, © Peter Saul]

Art and Film: Alex Ross Perry’s little tyrant artist

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Alex Ross Perry’s gothic, resolutely arthouse chamber piece Queen of Earth is a fascinating study in the ominous subtext of friendship and the diabolical social neediness of even those who claim to hanker a respite from people. Elisabeth Moss immersively plays Catherine, an increasingly unhinged young artist whose best friend Virginia (a very good Katherine Waterston) invites her to her parents’ bucolic vacation retreat to recover from the traumatic breakup of a relationship she had considered airtight and invulnerable. The backstory is revealed via unframed intercuts that, along with the contemporaneous narrative, may represent actual personal interaction or interior monologue – it doesn't really matter. The tone throughout is archly lugubrious, nicely balanced between comical insanity and dire creepiness. Perry borrows skillfully from Hitchcock, Kubrick, and Polanski as well as Bergman: everyone seems to be gaslighting everyone else.

Your September Horoscope! by Crystal “Kitty” Shimski

Transcribed by guest contributor Jennifer Coates / Kitty divides her time between New York City and Montauk. She is a freelance Intuitive Technique Specialist and part-time Trance Inducer. She was recently certified in Trauma Re-alignment and holds a dual Associates Degree in Breath Dancing for Painters and Creative Shock Control from the Online Academy of Spiritual Transit. She is devoted to helping painters live out their truth on the surface of their choosing.

Libra 9/23-10/22
Your ruling planet, Venus, will restore balance to an uncomfortable situation with a friend. You felt snubbed because he/she invited someone else to a party or dinner or event. Venus is now telling you, through me, to return the favor by snubbing them back. What’s fair is fair. Make sure to take pictures of yourself at the event you attend with your other friend and post them on social media right away. You will bask in this trivial revenge. In other news, you must learn to communicate properly. If you have performance anxiety, time to get over it. A lunar eclipse towards the end of the month will help you gain clarity about your career prospects. Chin up! The news simply is not good, but you can take it, toughy! Meanwhile things are moving along nicely in the studio: always remember that whatever can’t be resolved in life can always be resolved on canvas.

Scorpio 10/23-11/21
The universe is giving you the green light in terms of your paintings, your career and your self-confidence. You know what this means: you are going to be really annoying. Do not be surprised when people back away from you during casual conversations or excuse themselves to run to the bathroom. You are too intense. If you care about your friendships as much as yourself and your career, you will take it down a notch, if you receive my meaning. After the middle of the month, you will feel emboldened to pursue a long dreamed of goal. However, money is still tight so try to paint more thinly for the next little while. Or try ballpoint pen on paper towels. You love the color blue! (Just don’t press too hard.) The money will start rolling in again soon but for now: be prudent!

Sagittarius 11/22-12/21
A huge development is in store for you in the studio this month. You will blend this style with that style in a way no one has ever seen. You will abuse your surfaces, tune in with the times, channel what is important to art and fashion and break through to another level of originality that will be hailed by all the most major types. People will think you are younger than you are. Really, it won’t ever get any better for you than this month, so please try to enjoy it. Look at yourself in the mirror a lot and say “yes, I did it.” Practice smiling – a real smile! The fake one you think you have perfected is actually not so cute. You are in a position of greater respect and authority for the next several weeks. Own your greatness! But understand its inherently fleeting nature and take it gracefully when you are on your way back down.

Capricorn 12/22-1/19
Both in terms of money and your bowels, expect to see more movement this month. An investment of some kind is paying off. Your ambition is pushing you into new territory in the studio and socially. You are emboldened to ask for studio visits and your work is getting just interesting enough to be included in an out of town group show. Little by little you will climb the art mountain and get the respect you so crave. But you’re not there yet and no one feels it more keenly than you, Capricorn. Loosen up! Talk to yourself out loud in the studio. Paint in the nude. Rub yourself onto your paintings, rub paint onto your bathing suit area. I am telling you it’s ok, part of a magical self-acceptance ritual that will definitely help your career. You’ll see!

Aquarius 1/20-2/18
You need to learn how to wait for events to unfold, rather than pushing them to a premature conclusion. It never works out well for you when you try to exert too much control. This holds true in the studio as much as in life. You will only piss people off and make crappy paintings with such a tight grip on things. However let me say your paintings are looking pretty good, despite your problematic personality. Green is your color this month, even though your friend told you in a recent visit you are not very good with that color. Listen to Kitty. You will see dramatic improvements in your relationships after September 6. You and your spouse come to an understanding that will be mutually beneficial. A final word of advice: try not to think about your students or your splintered friendships in the studio, after all, they are not thinking of you.

Pisces 2/19-3/20
You are not being as authentic as you could be. Try harder! It is crucial to your artistic practice to be an honest person to yourself, your mate and annoying neighbor. That said, you are making amazing progress in the studio this month. It’s ok to listen to the same album over and over again in order to keep focused. If your back hurts, take painkillers. If your eyes and hands are sore, suck it up and keep going. One way or another all this work will pay off. For reals! After the solar eclipse on the 16th, you will merge with your third eye, your inner self and your imaginary doppelganger. There is nothing you cannot accomplish with this mystical enrichment of your psyche. Your skin will finally clear up and you will stop belching. A new deli will move in down the street from your studio. You will now graze on meats throughout all your days and never suffer in the tum.

Aries 3/21-4/19
Some might say setting limits is a good way to go for you, but not me. Kitty thinks you should exhibit no self-restraint in any area of your life. It doesn’t suit you to hold back. As the reflective moon crosses path with explosive Jupiter, you have big ideas in the studio and finally some energy to make them happen. When you are frustrated with what you make, please try not to ruin it this month. Looking back you will see some genius moves that at first looked crappy. You are in demand socially but not always up for the “fun.” Take time out for yourself or you will say something you will immediately regret. The stars are aligned for a fulfilling month – hopefully you will smarten up and enjoy it. Take sedatives with you wherever you go and remember your breath mints.

Taurus 4/20-5/20
You will start to feel comfortable in your own skin for the first time in your life. Domestic matters resolve as do your problematic new paintings. It turns out that using lots of pink really was a great idea. If you don’t have a gallery you will feel emboldened to begin looking for one again. If you do have one you will feel emboldened to find a better one. The planets are aligned for your happiness this month and it is an auspicious time for you to be you and wielding a paintbrush! Even though you feel like nothing is happening things are happening. Your talents are in demand whether that means friends are asking you to do light plumbing favors or you are getting teaching jobs. The only hiccups in your life are financial and who cares about those. You are learning how to eat from dumpsters and repair your clothes the old fashioned way. You will be fine, just like your friends incessantly tell you.

Gemini 5/21-6/20
Communication with your significant other, your friends and/or your students is compromised this month. But don’t worry, most people are thinking of themselves more than they are thinking of the stupid thing you just said, so it is likely you will emerge from this awkwardness unscathed. You recognize that you need some new ideas for your paintings. You are sick of yourself and you are not alone in this! No one wants to see you keep plodding away with the same formula for making work. Change it up! It’s time for you to stop making paintings that look like a handy combination of five other artists. Be yourself, find your truth and stop worrying if anyone will like it. It is liberating to be repellant. It’s liberating to be repellant. Repeat this day in and day out.

Cancer 6/21-7/22
Whoever it was who told you to relax was wrong. You need to be hyper-vigilant this month as there are people and/or pets close to you who do not have your best interests at heart. Be aggressive and self-protective, you can never be too careful. However your only true way out of the social/interspecies conflict is to get to your studio - where you can enjoy indulging your strange fantasies and preoccupations. Escaping into the mind’s eye is often the best medicine when reality oppresses. Your work gets more tactile lately. Use your hands more: smear and press and poke. There are even chances for you to excel in intimacy this month if you let your strange fantasies reign freely in that department as well. People are more receptive than you think. As long as you remember to act like you’ve read a lot of books, your potential new friends and/or lovers are more likely to accept you and all your intensities.

Leo 7/23-8/22
Your charm is in high gear this month but you are not focused. Your challenge is to discipline your mind so you can get back on track with your painting and your daily routine. You need to have a schedule or you waste away the days in lala-land. There may be highly charged emotions with your significant other and you will need a cooling off period. Make sure your partner/friends/children all understand that your artwork is your main priority, no matter what. Sorry people! That’s how it is. You need to put your phone away and stop checking it incessantly. Focus on your paintings and remember what it feels like to lose track of all time. Your paintings require your full concentration, not your relationships. In other news, you need to start exercising again. You can feel that fat fold returning and there may be some chafing in your jeans. Be a hero and get motivated!

Virgo 8/23-9/22
Your equipment is going haywire. Your machines are breaking down. Even your limbs may be in disrepair. Do not think you can fix this on your own! You are not handy and you are terrible with self-care so call a professional. The current planetary aspect could spell trouble for you. You need to have a new outlook with your partner, or else things will be tense and you don’t have the emotional energy for tension at home. You are tired! This fact can be offset with a healthy exercise program. Try to limit hangovers to three times a week. Your paintings are looking good and you have plenty of opportunities. However there is something that feels a little lackluster in the studio. Go out and see shows, is what I don’t often recommend, but I am recommending now. You need a good dose of other people’s art to have a more vigorous and fulfilling relationship to your own.

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Your August Horoscope! by Crystal “Kitty” Shimski


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September 15, 2015

One-thousand six-hundred fifty-four

At artnet news, Ben Davis writes in "Why You Should Be Suspicious Of The 'Creative Economy'" that 1,654 is the number of fine artists in New York who actually support themselves by making art.  The rest have day jobs. Here's an excerpt from his piece, which was prompted by the release of Creative New York, a recent analysis of "the health of Gotham's 'Creative Economy'" that paints a rosy picture by including advertising, film, video, and other more lucrative fields alongside the fine arts:

September 14, 2015

Conversation: Rebecca Morris and Kate MacNamara

On the occasion of Rebecca Morris's solo show that just opened at 365 S. Mission Road, artist Laura Owens's cavernous space in Los Angeles, Morris sat down with curator Kate MacNamara to discuss the elusiveness of mauve, the role of motif, looking vs. making, and scale in her new work.

[Image at top: Rebecca Morris, Untitled (#11-15), 2015, oil and spray paint on canvas, 87 x 80 x 2 inches. Photo: Lee Thompson; courtesy the artist, Corbett vs. Dempsey, and 356 S. Mission Road.]

September 11, 2015

In remembrance: September 11

Sue Coe, 9-11, 2002, ink jet print on paper, 15 13/16 x 21 7/16 inches, Sue Coe Archive @ Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts


 Two Coats of Paint is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. For permission to use content beyond the scope of this license, permission is required.

September 9, 2015

Fall Preview: Recommended openings this week

All the galleries are having openings this week, and since Andrew Ginzel has decided to take a hiatus from "SOME but not all NYC SELECTED SHOWS TO SEE" while he pursues other projects, I have put together my own short list of openings, organized by date, that I think are worth checking out. Note that the guidelines to submit exhibitions are included at the end of the post. See you out there!

[Image at top: Dana Schutz, Lion Eating Its Tamer, 2015, oil on canvas, 83.5 x 89 inches. At Petzel.]

September 7, 2015

Preview: Keltie Ferris presents body prints at Mitchell-Innes & Nash

Keltie Ferris has been making body prints, and for the first time, this body of work will be included with recent paintings in a forthcoming solo show at Mitchell-Innes & Nash. According to the press release, she uses her whole body like a brush, coating herself with natural oils and pigments, and then presses her clothed body onto the paper.

[Image at top: Keltie Ferris, body print on paper.]

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