Invitations: Upcoming events and discussions

Contributed by Sharon Butler / I’ve got several upcoming events  to share with readers, including an auction for Truro Center for the Arts on March 29 in Brooklyn, participation in a painting conference on the Cape, a panel discussion at the National Arts Club, a presentation at a new island residency program, and a special Two Coats … read more… “Invitations: Upcoming events and discussions”

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Images: NADA Art Fair, 2018

Contributed by Sharon Butler / I  just read a piece by Rachel Corbett in artnet News about Mitchell Algus, a dealer who manages a small second-floor space on the corner of Delancy and Norfolk on the Lower East Side. He’s been mounting shows in different spaces for more than 25 years, all the while holding down … read more… “Images: NADA Art Fair, 2018”

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Images: The Independent Art Fair, 2018

This year the Independent Art Fair showed a slew of conventionally good paintings, which is not necessarily de rigueur for the enterprise that prides itself on being the most “edgy” and “risk-taking” of the New York art fairs. On Spring Studios at 50 Varick Street, just below Canal, the space was full of natural light, and, as the afternoon wore on, visitors and photographers … read more… “Images: The Independent Art Fair, 2018”

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Report from Berlin: Judith Hopf’s idiosyncratic vision

Contributed by Loren Britton / Berlin-based artist Judith Hopf, known for idiosyncratic combinations, is invested in post-painting practices coming out of Fluxus conversations between George Brecht and Allan Kaprow. In her sculpture show “Judith Hopf: Stepping Stairs” at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin, she moves from sculpture to exhibition furniture and back, the transformed everyday materials in the exhibition … read more… “Report from Berlin: Judith Hopf’s idiosyncratic vision”

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Quick study

This edition of “Quick study” includes good news about how the arts drive economic growth and bad news about MoCA curator Helen Molesworth. Also: Grant Wood’s retrospective at the Whitney, Russian collectors’ hankering to join in the global art world, the future of art fairs, a mural in Parkland, Joan Baez is a painter, and one of my latest pet peeves about the … read more… “Quick study”

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Art and Film: Red scares

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Two current movies about Russia, both gloriously snide but in different ways, open with discrete artistic performances. In Armando Iannucci’s impeccably sardonic and irreverent The Death of Stalin, it’s a Mozart piano concerto, going out live on radio. The producers of the broadcast have neglected to record it, and, implicitly … read more… “Art and Film: Red scares”

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Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide / March 2018

Contributed by Sharon Butler / In case readers want to check out some painting shows but aren’t interested in racing around to the art fairs (or paying the entry fees), here are some gallery shows worth checking out this month. More comprehensive, all-media listings, are available at The List on artcritical and ArtForum’s ARTGUIDE. Excellent phone apps like See Saw Gallery Guide and NYArtBeat allow you to bookmark exhibitions and then display the … read more… “Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide / March 2018”


When art is a virtual token

First virtual gifting and sympathy flowers entered our world, and now Blockchain technology has made collecting expensive virtual art possible. According to Digitach,  Forever Rose, a digital file created by Irish photographer Kevin Abosch and GIFTO, a decentralized universal gifting protocol, has been sold to a collective of investors for cryptocurrencies with a value equivalent to $1,000,000.

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Michelle Grabner and Brad Killam: About a painting

Brad Killam and his wife, artist-writer-educator-curator Michelle Grabner, transcribed the following conversation they had about Airport (2015), one of the terrific small-scale paintings that is included in Killam’s solo at Geary Contemporary. The exhibition, on view through March 17, includes both paintings and sculptures, each focused on the specific materiality of the chosen medium. The paintings revel in color, surface, and brushwork, while the … read more… “Michelle Grabner and Brad Killam: About a painting”

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The 2018 New York Art Fair Facts

The art fairs have already started! This year ADAA runs from February 27th through March 4th, and then the rest of the fairs run from March 8th through March 11th.  SPRING BREAK Art Shows open an extra day through the 12th so that all the other galleries can stop by after they break down their booths. Here are addresses … read more… “The 2018 New York Art Fair Facts”

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